luna - moon    //   lux - to shine

Lunalux Botanicals offers herbal bath + body products inspired by the moon + nature and designed to help us live more aligned with ourselves. Our goal is to encourage deeper, more meaningful acts of self-care through the use of our all natural products to find harmony, balance, and love within ourselves. 

// we believe in putting the self first; self care is not selfish.
// we believe in rituals, not routines.
// we believe in harnessing the nature's energy and using it as a tool for self development.
// we believe in the nourishing + purifying qualities of salt + water. 
// we believe our herbal allies and the restorative powers of nature.
// we believe in the potential of the self. 



We strive to bring the most pure and highest quality ingredients from nature to you and your bathtub. If it isn't found in nature, you will not find it in our products. 

// pure + natural ingredients
// vegan + cruelty-free
// cold-pressed, unrefined, and hexane-free oils
// authentic sea salts
// ethically sourced ingredients
// no synthetic, artificial, or genetically modified ingredients
// no additives or preservatives


Lunalux Botanicals is created + run solely by me, Cassie Haze (she/her).

Lunalux Botanicals is the culmination of my love of herbalism, the ocean, and the moon. 
Growing up on the California coast (land of the Awaswas, Ohlone, and Popeloutchom people) meant that I developed a deep connection to the ocean at a very young age. After moving to Colorado (land of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute people) five years ago, I found myself landlocked for the first time in my life. My ocean water cravings led me to start taking salt baths. I found myself seeking the same comfort I got from the ocean from my bathtub.
Once I found salt baths, herbalism wasn't far behind. It began with me adding certain herbs to my saltwater baths and before I knew it, I was infusing oils, making herbal tea blends, playing with essential oils, and making my own tinctures. I began using nature as medicine, both physically + mentally, and it was truly transformative.
The moon has always been a great influence in my life. My new love of herbalism and old love of salt water led me to reconnect with the moon in a new way. Ritual baths became a huge part of my personal practice as a way to ground, center, and cleanse myself throughout the lunar cycle. This is when I realized I wanted to help others in a personal and meaningful way. 
It started with wanting to offer a low energy way for others to connect with the moon throughout its phases. When done mindfully and intentionally, working with the moon can be incredibly powerful for self-development. If living lunarly doesn't resonate, I at the very least just want to offer a completely natural bath product in hopes of encouraging others to take time for themselves; to make caring for themselves a ritual.
Lunalux Botanicals was born from putting myself first and using nature as a tool to improve my quality of life. The world is chaotic, stressful, and in so much need of healing, but we cannot begin to tackle the larger issues of the world if we are not taking care of ourselves.

Each product is carefully handmade and packaged in my home in Maine (land of the Abenaki, Aucocisco, Pequawket, and Wabanaki people) where I reside with my partner Ben and our two kitties, Batman and Donut.