luna - moon    //   lux - to shine

Lunalux Botanicals offers herbal bath + body products inspired by the moon + nature and designed to help us live more aligned with ourselves. Our goal is to encourage deeper, more meaningful acts of self care through the use of our all natural products to find harmony, balance, and love within ourselves. 

// we believe in putting the self first; self care is not selfish.
// we believe in rituals, not routines.
// we believe in harnessing the nature's energy and using it as a tool for self development.
// we believe in the nourishing + purifying qualities of salt + water. 
// we believe our herbal allies and the restorative powers of nature.
// we believe in the potential of the self. 



We strive to bring the most pure and highest quality pieces of nature to you and your bathtub. If it isn't found in nature, you will not find it in our products. 

// pure + natural ingredients
// organic + non-GMO
// ethically sourced ingredients
// cold pressed + solar infused botanical oils
// authentic sea salts
// no synthetic or artificial ingredients
// no additives or preservatives
// cruelty free