PINE // Cleansing Smoke Bundle
PINE // Cleansing Smoke Bundle

PINE // Cleansing Smoke Bundle

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Pine has long been used as a sacred smoke to purify and cleanse spaces. Pine is also known for its protective + healing qualities and is a powerful tool for warding off negative energies. It is a great + sustainable alternative to the use of white sage.


◇  Handmade with wildcrafted white pine from the woods of Maine and 100% natural cotton twine

◇  Each bundle measures ≈ 4-5" in length

◇  True size, color, and shape may vary, as this is a handmade, natural offering

◇  Listing is for one bundle


◇  Use as desired for cleansing and protection

◇  Always use a heatproof dish or container to catch ash + embers

◇  Use only in well ventilated spaces