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We’ve arrived at our final full moon of 2021, occurring in the playful air sign of Gemini. Full moons signify the halfway point through a lunar cycle and gives us the opportunity to reflect on what has been working and what needs to change through the current cycle. With the moon in Gemini, we are being asked to connect (or reconnect) with others and dig into what we feel inspired to change. This particular full moon is calling us to look within and explore all parts of ourselves and claim what truly brings us joy. Here are the three main things to keep in mind during this last full moon of 2021.


Gemini is known for their social nature, but the Twins are more than just gossipers of the zodiac. They thrive on connecting with others on a deep, meaningful level by exchanging knowledge + information with others around them. This full moon's energy is asking us to both share and receive knowledge with others. In doing so, you grow both as a person, and strengthen the relationships with those around you, and maybe even discover something new about yourself.


Gemini is represented by the Twins, one who is mortal and the other immortal. Together these twins symbolize all of the dualities that make up who we are, the human experience, and the balancing forces or nature. This full moon, dive into all the dual traits of you that make you YOU. Take some time to look and observe all of your side: higher vs shadow self, conscious vs subconscious, strengths vs weaknesses, etc. We are multi-faceted beings and each facet is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves.


With this being the final full moon of 2021, now is your opportunity to release any habits or behaviors that you do not want to carry over into the new year once and for all. By releasing, you are creating space to welcome in newer and healthier habits + mindsets which are more likely to serve you. Gemini loves to change and expand, so use this to your advantage and be open to exploring new ways to go grow.

Here is this full moon's tarot spread

 Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread

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