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We are in the midst of Aries season and the air feels electric. With the green buds on the trees beginning to open and the bulb flowers in bloom, spring fever is in full effect. There is no doubt that we are all wanting to shake off the stagnation of winter and quarantine, and the new moon in Aries is here to amplify our desires for movement forward.

With the new moon in Aries, we are being called to harness the fiery Aries energy and channel it towards our passions. Along with the moon being in Aries, the sun (our identity), Venus (our love + passions), and Mercury (our thoughts) are all in this passionate fire sign which means we're in for a big burst of energy. This new moon is going to amplify our inner voices and provide us with clarity on our wants and needs. Furthermore, it's going to inspire real action and manifestation towards our goals.

When thinking about your new moon intentions, really embrace this passionate energy. Go big, be fearless + ambitious . This rush of energy is likely a welcoming beacon of hope to so many of us who are feeling ready for true change. The most important aspect of this new moon isn't what we aspire to do, but how we navigate the intensity of the energy.

We are already feeling restless and ready for something new + different, but it's important to remember that now is not the time to act (even though I know you REALLY want to). The new moon is a time for preparation and planning, not the time to make big decisions and barrel forward spontaneously. It's going to be a big struggle to allow yourself to sit in the energy and resist the urge to act on impulse. Take part in things that make you feel grounded, like mediation, journaling, spending time outside, etc. to help combat this intense energy.


Here is the New Moon in Aries tarot spread to help aid you to focus your priorities, set your intentions, and stay grounded through this new moon.

New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

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