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Spring is in full bloom and we're kicking off the beginning of eclipse season with this New Moon in Taurus! The earth sign of Taurus is known for its practical nature, desire for security + comfort, and love for all things decadent. This earthy new moon is calling for us ground + reset by tending to our needs first. 


Taurus is all about comfort and embracing what feels good. With this new moon, Taurus is encouraging us to put ourselves and our desires first. This could mean indulging in self-care, setting boundaries, or even just taking some quiet moments to yourself. Whatever it may be that makes you feel like your best self, now is the time to indulge.

If you're like me, it may be a challenge to give yourself the time, space, or money to treat yourself. When this comes up for me, I remind myself that it's important to invest in your own wellbeing. Otherwise, your best self cannot show up for yourself or others. Spend some time contemplating on what self-care and self-love looks like for you and then commit to taking part in at least one act for yourself.


All Earth signs have a similar theme of being grounded, down to earth, and in touch with the material world, but Taurus has a particular tie to the themes of fertility and abundance. With spring in full bloom and the soil fertile, this Taurus energy is craving seeds to be planted (both literally and figuratively).

Incorporating intention setting with planting physical seeds is a beautiful way to breathe life into your intentions and watch them grow. If raising a plant from seedlings sounds a bit intimidating, then maybe get a houseplant that you can nurture and raise. Whether you have acres of land or just a small urban windowsill, you can definitely find a way to flex your green thumb.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, so it's not surprising that Taurus loves all things romantic and beautiful. Taureans have a unique way of finding beauty around them and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. When everything around you appears beautiful, it ignites creativity and inspires epiphanies.

This new moon inspires us to stop and smell the roses. Slow down and allow yourself to take in the world in new ways. The places and things that could spark inspiration might surprise you.


Here is your New Moon in Taurus tarot spread to get you inspired by this beautiful Taurean energy. Hope you are well.

Happy New Moon!

New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread
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