DEC 3RD 11:42 PM PT • 12:42 AM MT • 1:42 AM CT • 2:42 AM EST

This New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius has the potential to be deeply transformative for us. It marks the end of our current eclipse season and will be the last eclipse we see in the sign of the archer for many years. With this final eclipse / new moon in Sagittarius, we are being drawn to look at our beliefs, to tap into our sense of purpose and adventure, and find joy in experiencing expansion. Below are the three things to keep in mind during this new moon:

Sagittarius is the truth-seeker and is always on a quest for knowledge. No matter the distance, Its deep curiosity leads it to seek out new experiences and perspectives that will help them to grow and expand. During this new moon, it's time to follow that pull of curiosity, trust your intuition, and give yourself the permission to explore + learn without limits.



This desire for knowledge and exploration doesn't apply just the world around them; it also applies to within. Sagittarius' inquisitive nature is not afraid look within and explore their own values and beliefs. During this new moon, check in with yourself. Are your beliefs outdated or no longer serving you? Have your values or priorities shifted? Where does your sense of purpose lie? Shining a light onto these areas can help us get re-aligned with our greater sense of purpose and to be our most authentic selves.


In order to truly feel comfortable in its own skin, Sagittarius requires freedom. This is the freedom to think, question, challenge, travel, roam, explore, etc. When we look to what limits us and our potential, more often than not, it's our own beliefs surrounding what we can and cannot do. With this new moon, it's time to shift your mindset, take a leap of faith, and give yourself the permission you need to be free.

Here is this month's New Moon Tarot Spread

New Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Spread
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