Gemini: The Twins. When we think of Gemini, it's usually interpreted in the literal sense of having some other body acting as the other other half. This could be any pairing, be it platonic, romantic, or familial. It makes sense because Gemini energy is often seen as extroverted, social, and often craving deeper connections with others. But how often when you think of Gemini do you look to what is already within you?

With this Super Full Moon in Gemini, I invite you to do some inner exploration. Go deeper. What is the other half of you? What are the two major pieces that make you who you are? This could be the conscious vs the subconscious. Maybe it's the version of yourself you show to the world vs your inner alter ego. Regardless of what your other half looks or feels like, there is a lot of deep connecting we can do with ourselves and our dualities during this Super Full Moon in Gemini.

Gemini is also about curiosity and discovery, which pairs perfectly with the lunar eclipse energy. Lunar eclipses turn up the intensity of the full moon and are known for shining a light on our truest wants and needs with more clarity. Pay attention to what you are being drawn to discover about yourself and your desires this full moon.

I've put together another tarot spread for this full moon to help dive deeper into exploring your other half. Happy Super Full Moon lovelies 

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