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Change is in the air as we enter into eclipse season with this Super Full Moon in Sagittarius!

If you're unfamiliar with eclipse energy, get ready for some BIG feelings. Lunar eclipses are often intense, emotional, and shed light on all your shadows. With this super full moon in Sagittarius, expect some big awakenings and revelations, particularly when it comes to your sense of purpose and desire to grow. Here are some things to be aware of and practice during this intense super full moon.


For those who have been quarantining since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, life may feel pretty stagnant. On the flip side, you've probably learned a lot more about yourself. For many, the radical change that the quarantine brought to our lives made us pause and think about how we really want to be living our lives. If the quarantine made you feel like you're not living the life you want, but left you feeling unsure of what direction to go, this full moon is for you.

Discovering your sense of purpose can be hard, scary, and overwhelming, but incredibly valuable. Start by making a list of what truly brings you joy. If nothing immediately comes to mind, that's okay. Revisit things that used to bring you joy. Think about what lights you. Even just making a list of your favorite things can help to bring some insight.

From there, think about how you can bring more of this energy into your day to day life. The more you incorporate things that make you happy into your life, the more happiness follows. Don't shy away from new paths that may open up as you do this. 


Sagittarius has a desire to move, travel, expand, and learn; things that this pandemic greatly restricted. With the world slowly reopening and lifestyles shifting to a post-COVID world, many are feeling restless or anxious to reclaim their independence. Whether you're an extrovert who hated every moment of quarantine or you were quite content with the introverted lifestyle of staying home, there's no denying that we're all ready in move forward in one way or another. We're ready to get back to living the lives we want, and this energy will no doubt be heightened with this upcoming full moon.

This is a gentle reminder that although the desire to rush forward to make changes will be very present this full moon, it's likely not be the best time to act. Instead, focus this energy on establishing a plan on how you intend to move forward. This will give you a foundation of goals and may spur on new ideas you wouldn't have thought of in moments of spontaneous action.


Sagittarius is the sign of learning, education, and philosophy. You may be called to learn something new, or maybe further your education of something you picked up during the quarantine.

For those who may need to hear this, here it is: it's never too late to learn something new. It's never too late to return back to school. It's never too late to let your mind wander to new places. If you're feeling the tug towards a new path, embrace it, explore it, and enjoy it.


Above all else, this full moon in Sagittarius will be an awakening and a call to expand. Whether you've been resisting change or have been anxiously awaiting something different, be prepared to see things in a new light. Epiphanies and revelations will be loud and clear during this eclipse, so take note.

This full moon in Sagittarius tarot spread highlights expansion and was created to help you focus this energy. 

I hope you all have a wonder super full moon! 

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