The end of 2020 is drawing near, and here we are with our last New Moon and solar eclipse of the year! I'm sure you're just as anxious to put 2020 behind you as I am, and this Super New Moon in Sagittarius is a great opportunity for us to explore ourselves and our goals. Sagittarius is the Archer, known for knowledge, healing, exploration, and being truly authentic. Here are some things to consider when focusing on your new moon intentions.



The COVID-19 pandemic shocked us out of our "normal" day to day living. It was a rude awakening that left many of us wondering, "Am I living the life I want to be living?" This Super New Moon is a fantastic opportunity for us to get really honest with ourselves and what we really want in this life. Take some time out to put together some "big picture" plans, whatever this means for you. Dream big and aim high without judgment and ultimately, have fun with it! This life is yours to live how you want. 



The desire for travel, adventure, and exploration is one of the defining traits of Sagittarius. For me, the urge to travel and explore has only been exacerbated by the pandemic and stay-at-home orders. While it may not be entirely safe to travel just yet, there are still things that one can do to satiate the travel bug. Maybe one of your larger goals is to take an extended international trip. What can you do now to make this dream a reality when it's safe to do so? Things like learning about your destination and its' culture, mapping out your ideal trip, or even putting a savings plan into place if you're able to can help you down the line. For some immediate relief, go for a walk and explore your neighborhood. Turn down a street you haven't been down before and see where it leads you. There's plenty of exploring you can do safely right in your own neighborhood.



Sagittarians are known for their cheery disposition, enthusiasm, and optimism. They always know how to look on the bright side with a "cup half full" mentality. With both the sun and moon in Sagittarius, use this to your advantage! Silence the negative self-talk narrative. Stop dwelling on what can't be done right now. Instead, flip the script and focus on the "cans" instead of the "cannots." For every negative, there's a positive; one cannot exist without the other. Spend some time seeking and embracing the positives.



Sagittarius rules philosophy, higher education, and truth-seeking. During this Super New Moon, you may be drawn towards learning something new or uncovering a truth. Has there been something you've always been curious about, but have never dedicated yourself to learning it? Now is a great time to dig into a topic that has been calling you.



Here's this Super New Moon's tarot spread! I hope you have fun with this one as you explore new thoughts and ideas

    1. What big picture goal am I being called to focus on right now?
    2. What new experiences am I being drawn towards?
    3. How can I embrace my own sense of adventure?
    4. What areas of knowledge and education am I being called to explore?
    5. How can I become or remain optimistic about the unknowns?
    6. What wisdom do I need to know before making any big decisions?


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