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Happy first full moon of 2022! We're here with the Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of the crab. Cancer, ruled by the moon, is known for its deep emotions, intuition, and instinctual desire to care for others. It loves its comforts + securities and won't hesitate to retreat behind its hard exterior if it ever feels vulnerable. Here are three main things you need to know for this upcoming full moon. 


Both Cancer and the Moon rule the 4th house of astrology, which is the house of home. It only makes sense for Cancer to feel the most comfortable and at peace when its home. Spend time during this full moon to make your space feel more like your home. Home is what you make it so whether you have a whole house or a small section of a room, get creative on how you can make it feel like your ideal space. Do some cleaning, cleansing, decorating, or whatever you feel called to do to make your home feel uniquely yours.  

To take it a step further, you may feel called to embody the crab by finding ways that you can feel at home within yourself. The crab takes its home wherever it goes. Think of how you can find ways to feel more at home within yourself.


Emotions will be no doubt running high during this full moon. You may find yourself feeling a bit extra sensitive, moody, or vulnerable under this moon. Our society conditions us to repress our emotions by touting that “negative” emotions are “bad.” This narrative in turn teaches us to not give ourselves the time and space we need to understand our emotions in a healthy way and instead, encourages us to repress it (or “suck it up").

Instead of retreating into your hard, exterior shell, use this moon to allow yourself to feel these difficult emotions as they come up. Take note of any and all thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise. These feelings can be invitations to explore ourselves on a deeper level. If something is striking a nerve, now is a great time to follow that pain to the root in order to do some deep healing.


Cancer is most well known for being the nurturer of the zodiac. Its capacity for love, empathy, and compassion know no bounds. This deeply caring and nurturing energy will be turned all the way up this full moon and while expressing your love and care for others is important (and encouraged), it’s vital that for you to turn that love inward first. This full moon encourages us to care for ourselves in the way we’ve always wanted to be cared for. This may look like indulging in your favorite self-care practice or perhaps doing some deeper healing like inner child work. No matter how tend to yourself and your emotions, you deserve to be nurtured and loved in the way you have always wanted.

Here is this full moon's tarot spread. I hope you enjoy this first full moon of the new year!

Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread

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