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Lunar eclipses signify things coming to an end or a completion. It’s a time for breakthroughs and often inspire us to make a pivotal change in our lives. It also act as an amplifier to the already heightened emotions + intuition that we often experience during a full moon.

With this full moon / eclipse taking place in the watery sign of Scorpio, there’s no doubt that you’ll likely be feeling extra sensitive, vulnerable, and emotional this weekend. However, if you’re willing to go deeper into the dark waters of Scorpio, you’ll find that this full moon is a beautiful time for healing, transformation, and for reconnecting with your passions.

During this full moon, think about what you are passionate about. It’s time to get excited about you love again. What has been taking time away from you and what you love? How can you shift your focus to how you want to vs how you need to be spending your time? Use this moon to root into your ambition and self-confidence. Set your sights on what you love now so that when challenges arise (and they will), you can easily come back to what is important to you.

Some of the lessons of Taurus/Scorpio polarity has to offer is that of creation vs destruction and the natural vs supernatural. Scorpio may inspire a want for deep transformation, but Taurus reminds us that patience is key. Our mindsets can change overnight, but true change + progress take time. If we try to force or rush the process, roots will not be able to grow and any progress that is made will only be temporary.

Lastly, remember that we don’t need all of the answers right now. We may feel like we need clear plan laid out on how to accomplish what we want instead of just going after it. Scorpio can be dark and mysterious, but also deeply intuitive. The answers to our burning questions will make themselves known in time so for now, just do what feels right for you and your passions.

With these things in mind, below are some suggested activities + tools that can help you on to make the best use of this (sign) (new / full) moon energy.


  • ambition
  • passions
  • transformation
  • death + rebirth cycles
  • deep emotions
  • shadow work
  • psychic development
  • connect to water
  • clear out stale energies
  • releasing and/or banishing
  • divination
  • basil
  • blessed thistle
  • chrysanthemum
  • nettle
  • bloodstone
  • obsidian
  • red jasper
  • topaz
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