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This time of year is always bittersweet. Summer is fading, autumn is on the horizon, and we're all trying to squeeze in as much play as we can during these last few weeks of summer.

We're now in the height of Leo season. In astrology, Leo rules the fifth house: the house of self-expression, creativity, romance, and pleasure. Leo season is a time for joy, love, self-expression, and playfulness. Both the sun and this upcoming new moon are in the sign of Leo, the creative diva of the zodiac. Leo exudes confidence, creativity, and love.


Leos are most well known for their confidence, courage, and ambition. They are bold, passionate, and aren't afraid to be the center of attention. This new moon, allow Leo to give you that extra boost of energy and confidence to achieve your goals. 

We all have things that we would like to do or accomplish where maybe a lack of confidence or fears surrounding failure keep us from trying. If this rings true for you, embrace this Leo energy to help light the fire of confidence and courage within you.


Leos often get a bag rap for being attention-loving when in reality, it stems from their natural tendency to lean into their self-expression. Leos are highly creative and usually best express their creativity through the arts (especially performance arts).

This new moon is an excellent time to allow your creativity and self-expression to shine. Use that extra boost of confidence to create freely and without judgment. You might surprise yourself with what you will create.


Leo rules all matters of the heart. This fire sign is extremely generous with the love they give to themselves and others. They deeply care about others and aren't afraid to go out of their way to give to those in need.

For this new moon, consider the ways you give and receive love in all forms. Leo encourages us to love freely and boldly.


It's easy to get caught up in the day to day responsibilities and let simple joys fall by the wayside. Ask yourself: what would you accomplish if you had the energy, creativity, and joyful enthusiasm you once had as a young child? What would it look like if you allowed yourself to experience these Leo themes through the lens of your inner child? With this new moon, we are being encouraged to tap into our inner child and allow ourselves to embrace our playful and creative side.

It's important to note that I acknowledge that not everyone had a pleasant, trauma-free childhood (myself included). Inner child work can be very emotional and deeply painful for some, and that's okay. This kind of work should not be taken lightly. However, we've all experienced at one point in our childhood times when we were allowed to indulge in simple pleasures. Reconnecting with those simple pleasures is really the goal. 

Use the tarot spread below to help you reconnect to your inner child.

New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

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