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Virgo season is upon us and it's here to inspire change and refocus. With both the moon and sun in the sign of Virgo, it's an incredibly powerful time to reorganize and declutter your life. The earthy, mutable energy of Virgo is multi-faceted and many of its themes intertwine to serve one purpose: to ensure the wellbeing of yourself in the most efficient way possible.

The first major theme of Virgo is purity in all senses of the word. In order to lay new foundations, one must clear out the area that they wish to build upon. By spending some time decluttering, clearing, and cleansing your space, you're set yourself up to be in the right mindset to venture into the other themes that the new moon in Virgo has to offer us.

The second major theme surrounds structure. Virgo loves organization, structure, and routine. It thrives on looking at things from a detail-oriented and analytical viewpoint to inform the structures it implements for things in its life. This new moon is THE time to begin changing your routines and habits to better serve the lifestyle you want to live.

Lastly, the third theme is about health. Virgo rules the digestive system and the Sixth House in astrology, also known as the "House of Health." Virgo understands the importance of our health and wellbeing and the role in plays when it comes to our mental health and our capacity to help others. During this new moon, you may feel called to analyze your diet and other consumption habits. Being healthy also means focusing on healing in any way you need to, so keep this in mind as you set your intentions.

When meditating on the intentions you wish to set for this new moon, consider these themes surrounding clearing, restructuring, and making your wellbeing a priority. The New Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread below is designed to help you realize what areas of your life need your focus during this Virgo season. 

I hope you all have a beautiful new moon!

New Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread

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