7:56 AM PT • 8:56 AM MT • 9:56 AM CT • 10:56 AM ET With this full moon in the sign of Aries, we are standing on the peak of the astrological year. This is a special full moon because from here, we can see both on where we came from and where we are headed. It's a time to celebrate our achievements and successes, but also a time to start preparing ourselves for the latter half that is to come. Take a moment to pause and recognize all that you've accomplished since the new moon in Aries. Honor yourself and express gratitude for the successes and achievements you've had since April. Allow yourself to celebrate YOU because you've...

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FIRE - The Elemental Series

FIRE The illuminator The protector The destroyer, leaving behind the foundations for creation in its ashes The Sun It is ancient and ancestral It is raw energy in it's purest form Our third element in this series is Fire. The Fire element is embodies creation, destruction, protection, and purification. Fire has long been celebrated across cultures for its light, warmth, and protection. It has shaped our lives and evolution, allowing humans to cook and consume foods that were once harmful and giving us the opportunity to see during the night. Fire is essential for warmth during cold winter nights and for the success of crop growth throughout the spring and summer.    Below is an extensive list of the FIRE element correspondences. This comprehensive list is...

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