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Wheel of the Year - LITHA / MIDSUMMER

It's hard to believe that the summer solstice is here! Today marks the longest day and shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere.  What is Litha? Litha, or Midsummer, is the celebration of the summer solstice, the sun, and the Earth's abundance. It is typically celebrated between June 19th-23rd. The name "Litha" comes from the Old English Līþa, which was used to when referring to the months of June and July. History Midsummer is one of the oldest and most widely celebrated seasons across the world. Different cultures have celebrated the solstice for centuries, using it as a day to give thanks to the sun and sun gods for the warmth, light, and abundance it has brought throughout the year.  Celtic Traditions BONFIRES - Large bonfires were lit (often using oak...

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