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We have just crossed the threshold into Leo season and following shortly behind is the full moon in Aquarius! This is the first of TWO full moons taking place in the sign of Aquarius occurring back to back. For this first full moon, it feels right to focus on self-acceptance and the balance between what we can change and what we need to release in order to show up authentically for ourselves and our community.



We all have qualities, quirks, and traits that make us uniquely us. Spend some time with yourself exploring who you are, how you present yourself to others, and how you show up in your life for yourself and your community. As you think about your unique traits, there may be some resistance or suppression that comes up, and that's okay! That is a good indicator of what to focus on for either changing or releasing during this full moon (more on that below).

With this full moon, dig in and celebrate the qualities that make you you! Aquarius is very well known for its individualistic and nonconforming attitude, so consider what sets you apart from the crowd and honor it. Aquarius also has the ability to find the best qualities of others, so use this full moon energy to find those within yourself and how you can best harness these abilities to your (and others') advantage.



Change is scary for many people; it requires one to step outside of themselves and the shelters of comfort they have constructed out of their beliefs, traditions, and experiences. Fear of the unknown has the power to dictate the outcome of our lives if we allow it to control us.

The progressive and intellectual Aquarius loves to find new and better ways to get things done. For this full moon in Aquarius, we are encouraged to invite in the forward-thinking energy of Aquarius and embrace change.

Accepting and embracing change is a radical act that has the potential to unlock countless doors of opportunities. Consider things in your life that are overdue for an overhaul and use the boost of confidence from the Leo sun to make the change you need to happen.



We all have things that are keeping us from living our most authentic lives. They usually present themselves as fears, anxieties, self-limiting beliefs, or unaddressed patterns that we are stuck in. There are things that we can change, but for the ones that we cannot (or maybe believe that we cannot), that's where releasing comes in.

If you're familiar with working with the moon, you know that full moons are THE time for releasing. This full moon in Aquarius is no exception and it's a potent full moon for doing releasing work.

Aquarius sees the big picture and is determined to make the future the best it can be. While Aquarius does tend to lead from a place of humanitarianism, we know that we cannot help others without helping ourselves. Aquarius is the water bearer, filling everyone's cup from her pitcher. If the pitcher is empty, then there is nothing to give.

Living your life authentically and honestly ensures that you are taking care of yourself so you can show up for others. When we genuinely show up for ourselves, we can lead from a place of authenticity for our life and the collective. That being said, now is the time to restructure, determine what changes you need in your life, and release what you cannot.


Below is your Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread, created to help you honor yourself and find the confidence to change what you can and release the rest.

Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread

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