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Cancer, the crab, is the cardinal water sign that has the reputation of having a tough exterior with soft, sensitive interior. The sign of Cancer is ruled by both the moon and the 4th house in astrology, meaning some of its key themes are the home, family + ancestry, caretaking, comfort, and intuition.

With this new moon kicking off the first lunar cycle post-eclipse season, this is a powerful time to connect with yourself and any insights you may have gained during eclipse season. Below are some things you can explore for setting your new moon intentions.



Home provides us with a sense of comfort and security. The crab carries its home with it wherever it goes. Home is what you make it and can look however you need it to. It's not necessarily a location, but a feeling when we are the most comfortable and secure.

During this new cycle, you may be drawn to focus your intentions on the home and what that means for you. What can you do to make your home even better to suit you? How can you bring more comfort into your life?

You may feel called to do some deep cleaning or rearranging of your physical space. Perhaps you're transitioning between homes or maybe you're just in a place (physically or emotionally) that you find difficult to call home. This new moon is the ideal time to make your space more of a home.



Cancer may appear to be emotionally cold or guarded, but it is truly the mother of the zodiac sign. It is the caretaker, the provider, the nurturer.

This moon is asking you to look at your relationships from the perspective of both being nurtured being the nurturer. Some things to explore include any boundaries (or lack of boundaries) when it comes to taking care of the needs of others, your current relationships with those who raised you, and how you are (or are not) currently nurturing yourself.

We all need to be taken care of at some points throughout our lives, and that's okay! Don't be afraid to lean into these sensitive areas. Use this new moon as a time to be really honest with yourself and your emotional needs.   


I've been bitten by the genealogy bug and have been digging into my family tree this year. I've taken up a deep love for learning about family history and understanding how it plays a role in my life. While you can bet that I'll be doing some more researching during this family-oriented new moon, roots can be more than just ancestral.

Although Cancer rules the family, this doesn't necessarily mean that we have to focus on our family line to gain insight on where we come from. We can take this theme of roots a step further, we can use it to look at the origin stories that make us who we are. Experiences and trauma dictate nearly all of our decisions and play an integral role on who we are today.

If you are noticing that you have resistance to certain themes or patterns to your behaviors or emotions, it may be time to take a closer look at the whys behind them and how they impact your life. This new moon in Cancer is here to encourage and support you as you explore who you are on a deeper level.



With Cancer being ruled by the moon, this new moon is a truly potent time to connect to your intuition. Expect gut feelings and intuitive messages to come in loud and clear during this time. Take this moon as an opportunity to explore some divination practices and make decisions based on instincts. Above all else, follow your gut this new moon and trust that whatever decision you make will be in your best interest.

Below is your New Moon in Cancer tarot spread. I hope you all have an insightful and beautiful new moon! 

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread
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