9:35 AM PT • 10:35 AM MT • 11:35 AM CT • 12:35 PM ET The Pisces New Moon is here to bring some much needed calmness + joy to our lives. The mutable water sign of Pisces is known for being dreamy, empathetic, and highly intuitive. With this new moon, we are being called to tap into our deepest levels of creativity and intuition to help guide us as we set out to make our dreams a reality. Here is what you need to know for this New Moon in Pisces. GET DREAMY Pisces loves to dream, whether it's day or night. This water sign thrives on visualization and getting lost in its own imagination. This is also what...

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WATER - The Elemental Series

WATER  The cleanser, the purifier, the renewer. It is all around us and within us. It is formless, yet soft and cool to the touch. It is highly influential + adaptable, with the ability to take on any shape, temperature, or movement imposed on it It is controlled by the moon, whose gravitational forces dictate the ocean tides and large scale movement. It dictates our existence, controlling life on a cellular level. It is mysterious and contains unknown worlds below its surface. It can be calm and peaceful or dangerous and volatile. It is the vital liquid which sustains us all.   Our fourth and final element in this series is Water. The Water element is arguably the most important and most...

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2:21 AM PST / 3:21 AM MST / 4:21 AM CST / 5:21 AM EST The new moon in Pisces is here to inspire us to dream, imagine, and create the reality we want most for ourselves. Pisces rules our imagination, intuition, compassion, empathy, and creativity. While this sensitive water sign may leave us feeling a bit extra drained or vulnerable, if we can navigate these deep emotional waters, we can use this energy to set some powerful intentions for our future.    DREAM, AND THEN DREAM SOME MORE Pisces is by far the dreamiest and most imaginative of the zodiac signs. Now is the time to let your imagination and creativity shine. During the days on and around the...

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